Interaction Design: Nate Winskunas
Branding: Sonia Hupfeld
Systems Design: Emma Wegmiller
Chimera Promo Video
”Bringing the perfect Chimera AI companion, along with all of the benefits of that relationship, into your life is the foundation of our business. Giving you the power to customize every aspect of your experience and connecting you to a lifelong friend are the goals that drive us here at Chimera.“
(Promo video directed, edited, and shot by me. I'm also that guy being interviewed. Sonia Hupfeld on narration. 👏)
Chimera Mobile App
The myChimera application. Objective: Allow users to easily monitor, manage, and communicate with their artifically intelligent Chimera companions.
Left: Chimera management menu. Users can choose which of their Chimeras to interact with, or check up on any  other users' Chimeras they're following.
Center: Chimera status and widget hub. The user is able to add and access different widgets such as information and settings, emergency and medical needs, Smart Home features and other widgets that cover several skills and abilities the Chimera has.
Right: Chimera communication hub. The user can remotely chat with their Chimeras, ask them for favors, and watch a live video feed through their eyes for fun or security purposes.

look at all this stuff!

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