Application Goal:
To allow users to see both sides of the political spectrum while avoiding frustration in order to keep them informed and satisfied

A demo video for the website, showing a user performing the task of viewing an article, spectating a debate, and reacting to a debater's message.

A demo video that takes the user through the process of making a post in a debate with an attached article as evidence.

My Role in the Process
As the interaction designer for the team, I was responsible for most of the user interface and navigation design for the website. Much user testing went into the process of creating a comprehensive, intuitive interface that users can easily and quickly understand. Our team performed two rounds of user testing, one being more formal, screen captured for later analysis and problem discover, the latter having a more guerrilla-style approach with a focus on learnability and benchmarking.
Despite having assigned roles for the project, my teammates and I each dabbled in all areas of the design process through collaboration and "strength and weakness delegation."

Screenshot of an early round of user testing.

Persona exploration

Early ideation

Concept development and thumbnail sketches

Mood board

Trending Articles page

Article page

Trending Debates page

Reacting to a post via the click and drag reaction mechanic

Active Debate page from the perspective of the debater

Simple drag and drop article feature

Simple drag and drop article feature (the sequel)

look at all this stuff!

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