The Island
Whenever a Cartoon Network show is playing, the CN Arcade app allows viewers to scan their screens to collect unique character figures. Cool! Figures are then displayed in-app within a virtual island that's themed to their corresponding show environment. Here's an island I designed for Victor & Valentino:
Each island is put together using an assortment of individual objects pulled from show screenshots, key art files, etc. Many objects are modified from their original form to fit the top-down perspective of the game, requiring custom illustration that fits the style and retains the charm of each show.

Here's the island in-context, as well as a "locked" version of the island for users who haven't unlocked any of the show's character figures:
Island (Unlocked)
Island (Unlocked)
Island (Locked)
Island (Locked)
Inside the Island
Each island contains an assortment of character figures (poses curated by myself 😁), as well as additional versions of the island environment. One the left, the character shelf screen, the food stand setting is modified to include the town of Monte Macabre, providing a richer context for the characters to live in. On the right, the figure close-up screen, the food stand is omitted to allow for greater hierarchy of the individual character model. Chata needs her spotlight!!
More Islands!
Here are a few more of my favorites! First up, we have the Teen Titans Go! TV island, featuring the Titans' iconic messy living room and figures of the Titans' more Hollywood-esque appearances.
Next up, we have Apple & Onion's bedroom! This pigsty required a lot of custom illustration to match the top-down perspective, but it was worth it to see these fellas in all of their goofy glory.

Look at all this stuff!

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