Campaign Overview
The KontrolFreek holiday campaign consistedĀ ofĀ 2 major elements: an online Gift Guide and an assortment of individual sales promotions.
Our objective for the campaign was to gamify the online shopping experience,Ā to transform typical holiday marketing incentivesĀ into something more engagingĀ for the target audience. To accomplish the task, we created aĀ universe of characters, environments, and dialogueĀ to act as a vessel for the gift guide and promos.
*Note: The character and island illustrations were outsourced, but art directedĀ by myself and the rest of the KontrolFreek creative team.
And thus, The Quest for the Gamer's Gift was born!
Touchpoint 1: The Gift Guide
The gift guide was designed to fitĀ a shop-by-game model. Users would select their favorite genre of gameĀ and be taken to a grouping of products that were recommended for that genre.Ā This model was chosenĀ to circumvent any analysis paralysis for the shopper, since KontrolFreek boasts a very large assortment of products with varying benefits. To keep things gamified, each game category was presented as aĀ genre-themed environment.

After selecting an island (game genre), users were then teleported into the environment,Ā greeted by a similarly-themedĀ host character, and presented with an assortment ofĀ gear best fit for needs.

For example, this is Looter Louise, host of Looter Shooter Shore:
Touchpoint 2: The Promotions
In addition to appearing in the gift guide, each character was carefully assigned to a specific holiday promotion. To create a sense of cohesion within the universe, we assigned characters to the promotionĀ that best fit their vibe. In this instance, Major Payne (our First-Person-Shooter-themed character) was assigned to the Black Friday promotion. It's a warzone out there, am I right?
Each promotion was delivered across a multitude of channels, including emails, texts, organic social posts, paid social ads, website homepage banners, and even retail signage in GameStop.

EachĀ asset was carefully crafted to ensure success in each particular setting, to create a sense of consistency across the board,Ā and to preserveĀ the charm of the universeĀ at every possible touchpoint.

Look at all this stuff!

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