Nate's Adaptation of the Story
The original Golem of Prague legend follows a fairly simple premise; a Jewish Rabbi and his two best bros construct and vitalize a golem as a means of protection from anti-semites. The golem serves its purpose at first, but continues to grow stronger and more unpredictable as time passes. My hypothetical adaption of the story follows the same basic plotline, except the Rabbi and his two friends are three naive cul-de-sac boys. This time they're summoning the evilest of all demons (making a deal with evil, if you will) to protect them from the infamous sandbox head-splitter. Please look at my illustrations now!
Story Illustrations
The naive Culdesac Boys performing the infamous Demon Ascension Ritual. OH NO!
The sandbox head-splitter strikes again. This time, it's personal... NOT JIMMY! HE WAS SO YOUNG!
The assistance of unfathomable evil itself comes at a price the boys can't afford, and no take backsies.

look at all this stuff!

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